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Say goodbye to the idea of a classic tattoo studio. At our urban bright location we beautify your skin uniquely with stylish tattoos in different techniques and styles. The motifs and designs are wide-ranging but always contemporary. All tattoos are hand-drawn or individually digitally designed, we do not copy or trace from other sources, and no single motif ever hits the skin a second time. We work on your ideas until you have something artistically demanding and extraordinary. For a lifetime.

If you’re lucky, your design will appear as a t-shirt in our online store. You will receive a piece of this for free as a thank you.

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what the fact

Appointments and costs

Make an appointment by writing an e-mail to hello@theinkdivision.com or calling +43 662 2310548. This takes approx. 20 minutes and we will clarify the details and further steps.

The price depends on the duration of the tattoo, but is fixed in advance as a flat rate *. Based on the estimated duration, this is calculated on the basis of the hourly rate of € 150, -. Subsequent changes to your request entail a recalculation of the price. Should you cancel the session at your own request, there will be a set-up fee of € 60 per additional session as we have to prepare the workstation each time. The development of the motive is included in the price. Minimum price is € 120, -.

please be curious

Questions and answers

That depends on several factors. First and foremost, of course, the size of the area to be tattooed, then the area of the body and finally the complexity of the motif. The simpler a design is, the faster it can be implemented naturally. More details, finer lines, shades etc. need more attention and thus require more work. An estimate of the actual duration, you will receive in the course of the initial conversation to your tattoo.

To design a tattoo that you imagine, we first have a detailed conversation in which you can explain your wishes. To help you understand the end motive and the style, it’s helpful to bring several pictures to see what you like. Because of this, we then develop your individual design and finish it in coordination with you in a process.

No, unfortunately that will not work. All motifs are individually designed and drawn. Every design is unique and does not hit the skin a second time. For this reason, there are no ready-made motifs to choose from.

If we have not yet worked on the design, then you can cancel your appointment at any time, but no later than 24 hours before that. Once we have started the design, you can cancel your appointment, but no later than 24 hours before, and it will deduct the hitherto incurred effort for the design of your deposit. This will be charged with € 100,-/h. A date shift is possible at the latest one week before free of charge. Then we charge a flat rate of € 100, – for the loss.

It works exclusively with EU certified and under strictest conditions approved, in Austria and the EU approved colors, needles and needle modules. Your health is the most important thing in tattooing, we never risk it.

On the basis of your information at the initial meeting and in the further design process as well as your brought examples of motives and styles, we create a first rough sketch of the motive. If that pleases you, we work increasingly in detail until the finished design is present. So you should already express your concerns and wishes during the development, because the process is very time-consuming and every step back causes effort. But in the end, you should be happy with the tattoo and happy, so there is a certain latitude and it should not turn out in the end that you do not like the motive.

If the conditions are right for a good cover-up tattoo, then nothing speaks against it. However, it must be clear to you that a cover-up always requires additional area and darker colors because otherwise we can not package the existing one well enough. It is best, however, that you are individually advised in a personal conversation to find the ideal solution for you.

Basically, tattoos can go over scars, if they are at least two years old and not too high. In that case, it is advisable to have them injected with a specialist, so that the increase decreases as much as possible. On closer inspection, you will always see a difference between the skin and the scar tissue, but if you are standing on tattoos and a scar is in the way, it should not stop you from tattooing.

keep your tattoo beautiful

You should pay attention

You should do that

Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before cleansing or touching your tattoo. Wash your tattoo with warm (not hot) water or a mild perfume-free liquid soap for the first 2-3 days and apply a thin layer of tattoo cream on a regular basis. If possible, use freshly washed sheets, clothes, and towels during the healing process. Disposable paper towels are ideal for direct contact with the tattoo when washing or drying.

You should not do that

Do not scratch or tattoo the tattoo, as this will remove color and lead to infection! Avoid direct sunlight for the first few weeks. If direct sunlight is unavoidable, wear clothes over your tattoo. After the first few weeks in the sun, be sure to use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor for your tattoo. You should also avoid tanning studios in time, as well as swimming in water (lake, sea, bathtub, pool). If you have a lot of sweating in the tattoo area, you should wash off the sweat afterwards.

You should know that

It is normal for blood and color to get to the surface when you first remove the bandage. Wash gently with warm water, then wipe with a clean cloth and apply tattoo cream. In the following week, the tattoo and adjacent skin may be slightly swollen, red and sore. After a few days, a thin scab should form over the tattoo and peel like a sunburn. In no case rub off or tear off this crust, it will fall off by itself. During the healing of the tattoo, the color may appear dull or uneven. After one month, the healing process should be completed.

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