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Say goodbye to the idea of a classic tattoo studio. In the urban, bright location, we beautify your skin in a unique way with stylish and modern tattoos in various techniques and styles. The range of motifs and designs is broad but always contemporary. We draw all tattoos by hand or design them individually digitally, we do not copy or trace from other sources and not a single design comes onto the skin a second time. We work on your ideas until you have something artistically sophisticated and extraordinary. For a lifetime.

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Tattoo appointments and costs

Make an initial appointment by sending an email to or just call us at +43 662 2310548. This takes approx. 20 minutes and we will clarify the details and further steps.

Important pricing information

The total price of the tattoo depends on the duration of the tattooing process, including preparation of the job, but is announced in advance as an estimated rate. This is based on the hourly rate of € 150. Subsequent changes at your request result in a recalculation of the price. The development of the motif is included in the price. The minimum price for each tattoo is € 120. A deposit of € 150 is to be paid at the latest when an appointment is fixed before the start of the drawing work. This expires if the appointment is not kept. This does not entitle the customer to the drawing (s).

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Answers to your tattoo questions

It depends on several factors. First of all, of course, on the size of the area to be tattooed, then the body area and finally the complexity of the motif. The simpler a design is, the faster it can of course be implemented. More details, finer lines, shades, etc. need more attention and therefore require more work. You will receive an estimate of the actual duration in the course of the initial interview regarding your tattoo request.

In order to design a tattoo that you imagine, we first have a detailed discussion in which you can explain your wishes. For orientation for the final motif and the style, it is helpful if you bring several pictures with you so that we can see what you like. Based on this, we then develop your individual design and complete it during the process in consultation with you.

No, unfortunately that will not work. All motifs are individually designed and drawn. Each design is unique and never gets on the skin a second time. For this reason, there are no ready-made motifs to choose from.

If we have not yet worked on the design, you can cancel your appointment at any time, but at least 24 hours beforehand. Once we start drafting, you can’t cancel your appointment. If you do not keep your appointment, the deposit of € 150 will be forfeited. An appointment can be postponed free of charge up to a week beforehand. After that, your deposit of € 150 will be canceled for the failure.

We work exclusively with EU-certified colors, needles and needle modules tested and approved under the strictest conditions in Austria and the EU. The entire tattooing process takes place under the strictest hygiene conditions using only disposable materials. Your health is the most important thing when tattooing, we would never risk it.

Based on your information during the initial discussion and in the further design process, as well as the examples of motifs and styles that you have brought with you, we create a first rough sketch of the motif. If you like that, we will work in increasing detail until the finished design is available. So you should already express concerns and wishes during development, since the process is very time-consuming and every step back takes extra effort. But in the end, you should be satisfied and happy with the tattoo, so there is a certain amount of leeway and it shouldn't just turn out in the end that you don't like the motif.

If the requirements for a good cover-up tattoo are met, there is absolutely nothing against it. However, it must be clear to you that a cover-up always requires additional space and darker colors, otherwise we cannot pack the existing motif well enough. It is best, however, to get individual advice in a personal conversation to find the ideal solution for you.

Basically, tattoos can run over scars if they are at least two years old and not too raised. If this would be the case, it is advisable to have it treated by a specialist beforehand so that the elevation is reduced. You will always see a difference between the skin and the scar on closer inspection, but if you like tattoos and there is a scar in the way, this should not prevent you from getting a tattoo.

keep your tattoo beautiful

This is important for your tattoo

Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you clean or touch your tattoo. Wash your tattoo for the first 2-3 days only with warm (not hot) water or a mild, fragrance-free liquid soap and apply a thin layer of tattoo cream regularly. If possible, use freshly washed sheets, clothing and towels during the healing process. Disposable paper towels are ideal for direct contact with the tattoo when washing or drying.

Never scratch or pluck the tattoo, as this removes color and leads to infections! Avoid direct sunlight for the first few weeks. If direct sunlight cannot be avoided, it is best to wear clothes over your tattoo. After the first few weeks be sure to use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in the sun for your tattoo. You should also avoid tanning salons in any case, as well as swimming in water (lake, sea, bathtub, pool). If you sweat profusely in the tattoo area, you should wash off the sweat afterwards.

It is absolutely normal for blood and color to come to the surface the first time the bandage is removed. It is best to wash it off carefully with warm water, then wipe with a clean cloth and apply tattoo cream. The following week, the tattoo and the surrounding skin may be slightly swollen, red and sore. After a few days, a thin scab should form over the tattoo and peel like a sunburn. Under no circumstances rub or tear off this crust, it will fall off by itself. As the tattoo heals, the color may appear dull or uneven. The healing process should be complete after four to six weeks.